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Refresh Services for
Commercial Building

1. Painting and repainting walls and ceilings to give them a fresh and updated look.
2. Replacing old and worn-out flooring with new and modern options.
3. Upgrading lighting fixtures to improve energy efficiency and create a more pleasant atmosphere.
4. Installing new windows and doors to enhance natural light and improve insulation.
5. Updating and modernizing restrooms and common areas with new fixtures, countertops, and finishes.
6. Refurbishing or replacing furniture and fixtures to create a more comfortable and functional space.
7. Adding or reconfiguring partitions and walls to create new office layouts or improve flow.
8. Upgrading technology infrastructure, such as installing new wiring and data connections.
9. Enhancing outdoor spaces with landscaping, seating areas, and signage.
10. Implementing sustainable and eco-friendly features, such as installing solar panels or using recycled materials.

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