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Mirrors and Glass

Mirrors and Glass services offered by RKB facility maintenance company encompass a variety of tasks aimed at maintaining and repairing mirrors and glass installations in commercial buildings. This includes the installation, replacement, and repair of mirrors, glass windows, glass doors, glass partitions, and glass fixtures.
Examples of these services for commercial buildings include:
1. Mirror installation: RKB facility maintenance company can install mirrors in various areas of commercial buildings, such as restrooms, fitness centers, dance studios, and dressing rooms. They ensure proper placement and secure installation to enhance functionality and aesthetics.
2. Glass window replacement: If a glass window in a commercial building gets damaged or cracked, RKB facility maintenance company can replace it with a new one. They ensure a proper fit and use high-quality materials to improve energy efficiency and security.

Mirror & Glass Services- RKB
Mirror & Glass Work- RKB Services

3. Glass door repair: RKB facility maintenance company can repair glass doors in commercial buildings, including automatic sliding doors, revolving doors, and entrance doors. They fix issues like broken glass panels, faulty hinges, or malfunctioning door mechanisms to ensure smooth operation and safety.
4. Glass partition installation: RKB facility maintenance company can install glass partitions in office spaces, conference rooms, or reception areas. These partitions create a modern and open atmosphere while providing privacy and sound insulation.
5. Glass fixture maintenance: RKB facility maintenance company can maintain and repair glass fixtures such as glass shelves, display cases, or glass balustrades. They ensure these fixtures are clean, secure, and in good condition to enhance the overall appearance of commercial spaces.
Overall, RKB facility maintenance company’s Mirrors and Glass services aim to provide reliable and efficient solutions for maintaining and repairing glass installations in commercial buildings, ensuring functionality, safety, and aesthetic appeal.


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