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  • Landscaping & Snow Management


Predictive and preventative maintenance are two sides of the same coin. Both strategies work to keep equipment functioning properly and reduce downtime. Predictive maintenance aims to ‘predict’ when maintenance is going to be needed based on tendencies, whereas preventative maintenance offers routine servicing to ‘prevent’ failure. Applying these techniques to your retail store, office building or industrial facility can translate to time and money saved. And in an environment where machines/equipment work interconnected, it’s worth implementing both of these proactive procedures.


RKB Facility Solutions gives predictive maintenance the support network it needs to deliver an exceptional customer experience that minimizes your operating costs. Once we identify a problem, we will automatically schedule a service technician with the right skills and parts to attend to the problem.  With RKB Facility Solutions, from the point of a problem being identified to the issue being resolved, the entire process is efficient, cost effective and proactive.